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Cats and Dogs Multiplication Math Game

By Home Education Resources

Price: $2.95

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Which of these age-old rivals will rule the board? Practice multiplication facts to the 6’s to find out!
A game for two players or two teams.

Number of players: 1 to 2 or more

Skills practiced:

  • multiplication facts to the 6's
  • equal products

Description of play:
Players or teams first choose a “mascot” – will they be the dogs or the cats? On each turn, players either roll 2 separate dice or spin the 2 spinners provided, then multiply the two numbers together which were rolled or spun. If a square with the answer is still uncovered on the board, the player or team gets to cover it with one of their tokens, and the winner is the player or team with the most tokens on the board at the end of the game.

This printable PDF file includes:
  • 2 playing boards for 2 levels of play
  • 24 cat tokens and 24 dog tokens
  • 2 spinners (used if no dice are available)
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