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Daily Math Journals for Kindergarten and First Grade: Fast Fun and Fabulous

By Kelly Mikesell

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Many teachers are looking for quick and easy skill-based routines for their classrooms. If you have used the Daily Literacy Journals, then adding Daily Oral Math into your routine will be easy.

Some of the skills covered in the Daily Math Journals are: Counting, patterning, sorting, time, money, addition, subtraction, measurement, position words, symmetry, and shapes.

If you are using this in a Kindergarten it needs to be modeled, modeled, modeled. If you are working in a First Grade, use this as an independent activity either for journal time or as a center.

First, each child needs a journal. This can be a spiral notebook, folded papers, 3-ring binders, whatever works for your classroom. Think about where you will store them when they are not in use.

Second, the prompt should be printed. If you are lucky enough to work in a school where paper is not an issue, you can copy the prompt for each child. Simply cover all but the first line of the prompt, copy, and then the children will have room to work. If you work in a school where copying is an issue, print the prompt then cut them into strips. Moms can help cut the whole year's worth of prompts and put each one in a zip-top bag for easy sorting.

Third, when it's time to teach, read the prompt to the class, model the prompt, and then let the children glue the prompt into their journal and go!

When the children are finished, make sure to take a minute or two to check and see what they have completed.

The impact of Daily Math Journals is fun, engaged learning with tangible results.

The Daily Math Journals are perfect for portfolio assessments, conferences and report card documentation.

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