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Earthquakes Literacy Activity Bundle including Japan quake PowerPoint

By Tech Girl

Price: $3.00

Available for immediate download.

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After the March 11th Japan quake, I wanted to create a mini lesson to teach my students the basics about Earthquakes and also give information about details on the Japan quake.  Kids learn so much more when you make  it "REAL" for them.


  • A PowerPoint about Earthquakes (causes, effects, and the Japan quake, with a Quiz Game at the end of the presentation)
  • A Quiz Game answer sheet for the students to follow along with you.
  • An "Earthquake Shake" Science Activity that includes a student lab activity sheet( very simple, yet it amazes me how engaging it is)
  • An Earthquake Art Activity based on the Richter Scale to help process everything they have learned!!!

Take time to share about this real world natural disaster with your students.  You will be intrigued with their questions and how interested they are because it is simply a current event that has touched our lives so recently

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