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Free Demo Wordsheets Custom Word Puzzle Maker

By Qualint



Available for immediate download.

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Word Puzzle Worksheet Maker for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT 4.0 (Sorry, not available for Macintosh.)

Already have the demo? Purchase the registration key here!


I highly recommend Wordsheets... After purchasing it myself, I was so impressed that I had to find a way to offer it here to A to Z Teacher Stuff visitors!

Create custom puzzle worksheets: word searches, crosswords, and word scrambles!


  • All types of worksheets can include crossword-style clues
  • You'll be impressed with all the options for formatting your worksheets!
  • Try the free demo before you buy! Print or export 10 times, then purchase the registration key for the full verson with unlimited printing & exporting.


Check out these screen shots showing the simple creation of a custom crossword puzzle:

Already have the demo? Click here to purchase the registration key.

There are so many options to easily create custom, professional-quality word puzzles!

  • You can even generate a unique puzzle for each student in the class from just one word list.
  • Several formats allow you to easily adapt to the needs of your students, so you can create simple or advanced puzzles.
  • You can maximize learning by including words AND clues for each puzzle type.
  • Customize the header, instructions, and formatting. Change the font face and size, set up as landscape or portrait, on one page or two, with or without clues, and more!

Read on for a comprehensive list of features...


    • Create three types of puzzle worksheets (crossword, word search, and word scramble) and many different styles of each type for one low price
    • Free updates to new point releases (eg 5.1 to 5.2), and reasonable upgrade prices between major versions (eg 5.5 to 6.0)
    • You own the copyright to the puzzles you create with Wordsheets. No mention of Wordsheets or Qualint is required on worksheets printed with a registered version, and there are no "publisher" fees even if you are selling the puzzles you create.
    • Save hours of time over creating puzzles by hand, and eliminate frustration associated with Internet-based puzzle creators
  • "SMART"
    • Auto Layout - Wordsheets adjusts font and puzzle sizes to leave appropriate white space and keep appropriate font ratios. This means your worksheets are automatically professional quality whether you have many words or just a few words, on one page or two.
    • Smart Generation - Wordsheets uses advanced generation algorithms to include as many of your words as possible, usually all of them!
    • Wordsheets circles the answers and marks the start of the words on word search answer keys.
    • Advanced user interface - does not take time to learn how to use -- works naturally
    • Simple enough that young children can easily create and print their own professional looking puzzles
    • Does not require fussing to get professional looking output on any size puzzle
    • Type your list once then easily and immediately create crosswords, word searches, and word scrambles - no need to switch programs, export word lists, cut and paste, or retype
    • Generate unique puzzles for every student in a class and print them all with only two button clicks!
    • Does not require an internet connection to create puzzles.
    • Save your word lists and use them again
  • FAST
    • Enter word lists quickly -- no mouse clicks to slow you down
    • Generate many worksheets in seconds
    • Print immediately, no need to adjust sizes to make the puzzle fit on the page or look good.
    • No limit to size of clues - worksheets look good even with long clues.
    • Use words and/or clues on any puzzle.
    • Include a line for student's name and/or for the class name
    • Include instructions
    • Professional results in minimum time
    • Eliminate backward and/or diagonal words in word search
    • Limit the size of word search and crossword puzzles
    • Include list of words on a crossword
    • Include hint letters in word scrambles
    • Prevent (or force) first letter of word from being scrambled
    • Print on two nicely formatted pages for extra working room
    • Use your own simple, easy to read fonts (not supplied with Wordsheets)
    • No limit to the number of words in your word list
    • Double words like "New York" are handled well in all puzzles
    • Portrait and landscape styles supported in all puzzles
    • Creates Kriss Kross worksheets (Crosswords that don't use clues)
    • Creates Word Search matching puzzles
    • Creates Word Search puzzles with clues instead of a word list
    • Creates Word Scramble puzzles with clues
    • Include titles, headers, footers, and instructions on any puzzle.
    • Above styles and many more are included, and you can create and save your own styles for different classes or uses
    • Merge multiple word lists into a single word list
    • Export completed puzzles as Bitmaps, GIFs, metafiles, or ASCII and then use them in other programs
    • Install at work and at home with one license
    • Publish your puzzles -- no permission or additional fees are required


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