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Math Enrichment Worksheets - 22 Challenging and Fun Activities!

By Rachel Lynette

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This is a bundle of 22 challenging math activities (plus answer keys when appropriate). These activities reinforce basic skills in fun and interesting ways. Most require some logic or critical thinking. They can be used as supplemental materials with an entire class, with highly capable students, at a math center, or as homework.

These will print out great in both color and grayscale.

This bundle includes:

  1. Exactly How Old Are You?
  2. Palindromes
  3. Addition Equation Search
  4. Wear Your Points
  5. Multiplication Sense
  6. Multiplication Homework
  7. Which is More?
  8. Starry, Starry Night
  9. Roll the Dice
  10. Missing Digits Addition
  11. Missing Digits Subtraction
  12. Math Scavenger Hunt
  13. Dinner Party
  14. Triangle Tangle
  15. Small Change
  16. Missing Coins
  17. Halloween Treat Survey
  18. Halloween Recipe
  19. Twelve Days of Christmas (3 pages)
  20. Hanukkah (2 pages)
  21. Do It Yourself Story Problems I
  22. Do it Yourself Story Problems II

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