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Penguin Activities

By Rebecca Anderton - Teaching First

Price: $8.00

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This new and revised Penguin Activities packet is now 115 pages long and chuck-full of fun and engaging centers and projects that all your students enjoy!

These multi-leveled activities are geared for K-2 and include:

  • Table of Contents
  • Penguin Book Suggestions
  • Ten Little Penguin Counting Book
  • Are Penguins Birds?
  • Penguin Facts-Fact and Opinion Sort
  • My Penguin Fact Book
  • Penguin Web
  • Label the Penguin 
  • Penguin Venn Diagram- Penguins and Birds that Fly
  • Pocket Chart Labels for Venn Diagram
  • Class Penguin Book
  • Penguin Report and Penguin Report Paper
  • Penguin Life Cycle 
  • Writing Penguin Poetry
  • Penguin Penguin What Do You See book
  • Penguin Diagraph Sort
  • Penguin Poems and Songs
  • Penguin Art Project
  • Emperor Penguin Races
  • Penguin Measurement (height and weight)
  • Ten Little Penguins Counting Book
  • Multi-leveled Addition and Subtraction Worksheets
  • (Single digit addition, double digit addition, double digit addition with regrouping, single digit subtraction, double digit subtraction, double digit subtraction with regrouping)
  • Save the Penguins Game (Multi-level game boards: number identification, addition, subtraction)
  • My Penguin Book
  • Penguin Addition and Subtraction Center
  • Penguins Expanded Notation Center (tens and ones; hundreds, tens and ones)
  • Favorite Goldfish Cracker Data Collecting and Graph

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