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SnapWords Pocket Chart Cards List A

By Child1st Publications

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SnapWords™ Cards are multisensory sight words. They are essential for teaching sight word recognition to a wide variety of learners, including visual learners, children labeled with ADD or ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or right brained learners. The images embedded into each word ensure that children gain a rich sight word vocabulary as easily as a camera snapping a picture and storing it in memory. But that’s not all. Beyond just recognizing the words, the tools on the reverse of the card move children beyond calling out words to really understanding what they mean and how to use them in sentences. The reverse of each card displays the word without a visual and describes a hand motion for the word – a necessary tool for many kinesthetic learners and dyslexic children. In addition, a sentence using the word and coordinating with the visual on the front of the card focuses children’s attention to the meaning of the word and how it is used in everyday communication.

Use them in centers, for partner review, sentence building or independent practice; the number of ways to use these smaller SnapWords™ is only limited by your imagination and your students’ needs. Also effective in pocket charts for sentence-building, sentence or phrase unscramble, or review (students turn the cards to the reverse side as they learn the words through the visuals on the fronts). For children who need to understand the function of words before they can focus on learning phonics rules, these cards provide the answer. List A includes 59 high-frequency words. Printable cards are 4.25” by 2.75”.

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