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Who Took the Cookie? Name Recognition Balanced Literacy Unit

By KindergartenWorks

Price: $8.00

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Start your year off right by beginning with solving a mystery! Your students will be taken on a reading and writing adventure that will have them learning, problem solving and connecting to the well-loved classic story. 

You'll be amazed at how students will begin to recognize their own names and other classmates' names as you begin your year together! This unit incorporates all aspects of the balanced literacy approach and can easily be planned for  one week or extend into two! Make the beginning of your year focused and have a successful start - and this unit is flexible enough to fit in and around all of the procedures you're introducing, teaching and reinforcing!

Make this a simple process with everything you need to pull it together here in this unit.

This 40 page unit includes:

  • Hickety Pickety Game (Name Recognition)
  • Who Took the Cookie (Name Game)
  • Poem (Shared Reading)
  • Class Book (Independent Reading)
  • Emergent Reader (Guided Reading)
  • Book Suggestions (Read Aloud)
  • Retell Props (Literacy Center)
  • Class Name Chart (Shared Reading)
  • Cookie Graph (Interactive Writing)
  • Analyzing a Graph (Math Extension)
  • Letters and Replies to Parents for Supplies
  • Who Took the... (Independent Writing)
  • Dissecting the Book (Read Aloud Discussions)
  • Dissecting the Book (Response Sheet)
  • Predictable Chart (Shared Writing)
  • Name Labels Template

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