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Word Builder Homophone Picture Cards

By Shoulder-to-Shoulder

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Word Builder Homophone Picture Cards consist of 34 cards with 2 or 3 homophones on each card. Since this product is in PDF format, you can download, print, and use your Homophone Picture Cards right away!

Word Builder Homophone Picture Cards provide a tool for teachers and parents to develop vocabulary and foster word-consciousness. Word-consciousness is an awareness of and an interest in words, their meaning, and their power. Students who are word-conscious enjoy learning new words. They know and use many words well.

Word Builder Picture Cards are fun, engaging, and challenging. New words are learned by tapping into prior knowledge, using picture cues and words in context, and connecting the new concept to their schema. The students move from the known to the unknown. Word Builder Cards can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of your students.

Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and different meanings. To help your students understand the meaning, each word has a sentence that uses the word in context. In addition a picture is provided for each word. Homophones can be tricky, but with Word Builder Cards we know your students can learn them quickly. We hope you enjoy using Word Builder Homophone Picture Cards.

Below are the homophones included:

1. ant/aunt
2. ate/eight
3. ball/bawl
4. be/bee
5. bear/bare
6. beat/beet
7. blue/blew
8. break/brake
9. by/buy/bye
10. flour/flower
11. for/four
12. hair/hare
13. hear/here
14. hole/whole
15. hour/our
16. knight/night
17. meat/meet
18. no/know
19. one/won
20. pain/pane
21. peak/peek
22. plain/plane
23. rain/reign/rein
24. read/red
25. sail/sale
26. sea/see
27. sent/scent/cent
28. some/sum
29. son/sun
30. tale/tail
31. threw/through
32. to/too/two
33. tow/toe
34. weak/week

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